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Jagwire Road Pro Brake Cable Kit

item #JAG000P
Price: $34.99 Buy Jagwire Road Pro Brake Cable Kit
Jagwire Road Pro Brake Cable Kit
Jagwire Road Pro Brake Cable Kit description:
Overhaul your tired brake cables with the smooth and responsive Jagwire Road Pro Brake Cable Kit. This kit contains everything you need to replace your cable-actuated brakes, regardless if you're running Shimano or SRAM. The cables and housing are long enough for installing on large frames with full housing or bikes running mechanical disc brakes. Polished stainless steel cables and Slick-Lube liners enable smooth, responsive shifts, and the Kevlar-reinforced housing boosts durability. Plus, it's available in a wide array of bright colors and subdued options, so you can customize the aesthetic of your favorite road bike.

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