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Inov 8 F-Lite 250 Cross Training Shoe - Men's

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Price: $119.95 Buy Inov 8 F-Lite 250 Cross Training Shoe - Men's
Inov 8 F-Lite 250 Cross Training Shoe - Men's
Inov 8 F-Lite 250 Cross Training Shoe - Men's description:
The Inov 8 Men's F-Lite 20 Cross Training Shoe offers unprecedented performance and shock attenuation for training routines and discipline workouts. The 250 is the latest offering in the F-Lite series, and features an updated, more versatile design that caters specifically to high-impact fitness pursuits. Breathable mesh (complete with TPU overlays) encapsulates your foot while the midfoot construction offers a locked-in fit and feel to ultimately assure unobstructed, swift movements and speedy transitions. The Meta-Flex technology ensures multi-directional agility, and the EVA midsole not only attenuates shock, but provides session-long support. Additionally, the Powerheel construction delivers stability when lifting weights, and is designed as such to provide a mechanical advantage when busting through transitions. Not to mention, the Rope-Tec system boasts a 360-degree construction that translates into unrivaled traction and grip on rope climbs.

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