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Ibis Mojo HD3 SLX Complete Mountain Bike - 2017

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Price: $999.99 Buy Ibis Mojo HD3 SLX Complete Mountain Bike - 2017
Ibis Mojo HD3 SLX Complete Mountain Bike - 2017
Ibis Mojo HD3 SLX Complete Mountain Bike - 2017 description:
The trend in trail bikes of late seems to be slacker, longer, lower, and deeper, which is nice on really chunky lines but often strings you out on sustained climbs, leaving you beholden to the lift or shuttle to get back up. Ibis' Mojo HD3 SLX Complete Mountain Bike represents a balance between climbing and descending, acknowledging that while the descents are still the point, climbing to earn them can be almost as enjoyable. We're celebrating the Mojo HD3's real-world versatility with an equally versatile build kit: Shimano's SLX drivetrain and a Pike fork, RockShox's venerable trail killer. The Mojo HD3 owes its climbing prowess to its DW-Link suspension platform, which isolates rear wheel movement from pedaling and braking forces. It produces a plush and linear suspension motion that feels like an even bigger bike, yet pedals on flats and climbs with the attitude of an XC machine. The 66. 6-degree angle of the tapered head tube takes advantage of DW-Link's solidity and the chassis' stability to hit a steeper angle than most six-inch bikes. That means the Mojo HD3 digs into climbs with an aggressive front end that doesn't leave you hanging when you're dropping in for the descent. The bike's spine is built on stout, 16. 9in chainstays and a low, 13. 5in-high bottom bracket, which team with the aforementioned geometry for an uncommonly agile enduro sled that gets up and goes when the trail turns skyward or drops in fast when things point down, defying the categorizations that limit so many other bikes. As an added bonus, the shock tune and suspension keep the bottom bracket height at the sag point the same, no matter what size tire you choose to run. And speaking of bottom brackets, the Mojo HD3's is blissfully, wonderfully, sweetly threaded. That's a rare design choice these days, but it's one that we're fully on board with for its ability to reduce creaks and pops. The frame boasts clean internal cable routing and stealth routing for a dropper post of your c...

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