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Ibis Mojo 3 Carbon Mountain Bike Frame - 2017

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Price: $999.99 Buy Ibis Mojo 3 Carbon Mountain Bike Frame - 2017
Ibis Mojo 3 Carbon Mountain Bike Frame - 2017
Ibis Mojo 3 Carbon Mountain Bike Frame - 2017 description:
We like to conceptualize the 2017 Ibis Mojo 3 Carbon Mountain Bike Frame as a sprightly younger sibling to the gravity leaning HD3. Drawing inspiration from its burly kin, the Mojo 3 lands with expanded versatility in a lighter, more playfully agile chassis that pushes its 130mm of travel to handle just about everything this side of gravity. Expanding its capability with the versatility to handle standard and plus-sized tires, as well as single or double chainrings, this Mojo 3 is set to be your next best friend on the trail. The Mojo 3's versatility is informed by the shock tune and DW-Link suspension. Ibis tunes the shock so its initial stroke rides on the "plush" side, but our firsthand experience with the bike tells us that generous small bump compliance doesn't keep it from feeling firm off the top. It's responsive and changes direction quickly while navigating switchbacks at climbing speeds, and the anti-squat pedaling platform maintains past the sag point. On the flip side, the ramp-up characteristics can best be described as the kind of big-hit confidence that can often be the key element in determining which side of the ragged edge you find yourself on. To cap it off, the shock tune and suspension keep the bottom bracket height at the sag point the same, no matter what size tire you choose to run. The shock's tune doesn't require a high damper handicap, a fact that Ibis credits to the shock rate and DW-Link's steady pedaling platform. Since it naturally reduces bob without undue damping from the shock, DW-Link's ramp-up stays smooth throughout its suspension arc. It also suffers less heat build-up than heavily dampened models, so its ramp feel isn't significantly affected during hard, fast descents where the shock is working overtime. Ibis says that the stubby chainstays and low claimed frame weight make the bike feel "taut." We think that's a wonderfully succinct way to describe the responsive aggression the Mojo 3 exhibits on climbs that would send ...

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