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Ibis Hi-Fi Carbon Handlebar

item #IBS0035
Price: $120.00 Buy Ibis Hi-Fi Carbon Handlebar
Ibis Hi-Fi Carbon Handlebar
Ibis Hi-Fi Carbon Handlebar description:
Carbon has solidified itself as the handlebar material of choice for most competitive riders and XC racers, as it's both lightweight and durable. Additionally, carbon absorbs vibration incredibly well, meaning that the fatigue and numbness that sets in with aluminum is effectively soaked up over long hours of riding. Strong enough for huge hits and giant drops, but still light enough for XC racers, the Hi-Fi Carbon Handlebar from Ibis handles it all with ease. The bar represents the fine balance between weight and strength, coming in at just around 225 grams in a 760mm width. At the same time, the wide stance provides flexible comfort in the dirt, and the 20 degrees of rise keeps your wrists in a relaxed, neutral position. The Ibis Hi-Fi Carbon Handlebar is available in a 740mm width. The bars feature 20mm of rise and are available in the color Black. Please note that this bar is only compatible with 31. 8mm clamp diameter stems.

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