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Ibis 742 Carbon Rim

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Ibis 742 Carbon Rim
Ibis 742 Carbon Rim description:
In the tide towards plus-sized tires and the ability to rock ever increasing levels of gnar, Ibis brings its 742 Carbon Rim to the table as a lightweight platform with the strength to weather the biggest hits. It features a beefy rim width that sits shallower than that of its predecessor, the 741, for increased impact resistance and a lower rolling weight. The lower the rim, the better it weathers big hits, big drops, and surprise roll-overs without failing under you--basically, the 742 is designed to withstand even more enduro abuse. Given that Ibis' internal tests showed the outgoing 741 is between 50 and 300% stronger than competing models, we realize that pushing even further ahead in the durability game is an ambitious--and maybe even unnecessary--move. But that's just how Ibis rolls. Despite the change in depth, the 742 still has the same 35mm internal width, which further buttresses the rim against the deprecations of the trail while allowing plus-sized tires to sit nice and fat. This increases air volume to decrease PSI and for better traction across everything from root-latticed climbs to rain-slicked granite. The wide footprint is supplemented with a hookless bead that can be setup tubeless right at home with a regular floor pump and decreases the risk of burping when you're wantonly throwing the bike into switchbacks during flowy singletrack loops. A lightweight, plus-sized rim built for enduro epicsOversized footprint takes full advantage of plus-sized tiresShallower rims for increased impact resistanceHigh toughness pre-preg epoxy adds additional impact resistance

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