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Ibis 942 Carbon Fiber 29in Boost Wheelset

item #IBS002S
Price: $999.99 Buy Ibis 942 Carbon Fiber 29in Boost Wheelset
Ibis 942 Carbon Fiber 29in Boost Wheelset
Ibis 942 Carbon Fiber 29in Boost Wheelset description:
Your energetic new beast of a frame yearns to take the straightest, fastest line possible down spiny ridges and into unknown canyons. That's a good thing--as long as it's wearing the right pair of shoes. Equip your speed-hungry 29er with Ibis' 942 Carbon Fiber 29in Boost Wheelset and prepare to take every chunky line with the knowledge that your wheelset is up for whatever you can throw at it. As an update to Ibis' popular 941 rims, the 942 is a capable carbon rim ready to weather square hits, ledgy descents, and bigger-than-intended drops. A shallower profile improves impact resistance and reduces rolling weight this year, but Ibis retains the 941's 35mm internal width for added durability on chunky chutes and slickrock riding. This design, coupled with the rim's hookless bead, will keep your plus-sized tires sitting contentedly, lessening the likelihood of a tire burp interrupting your next rowdy descent. As if that kind of confidence weren't enough, Ibis laces the 942's to Industry Nine's beloved Torch hubs. With crisp, impeccable engagement and revered durability, they'll keep your hoops spinning with energy on the up or the down.

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