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Ibis 938 29in Boost Wheelset

item #IBS002Q
Price: $549.00 Buy Ibis 938 29in Boost Wheelset
Ibis 938 29in Boost Wheelset
Ibis 938 29in Boost Wheelset description:
Getting funny looks when you show up to ride rugged Moab lines on a hardtail is part of the deal, but scorn will turn to consternation when you rally past the haters on the Ibis 938 29in Boost Wheelset. When you stick the requisite plus-sized tire (2. 8in is the recommended spec) on the 938, you'll be able to run super-low pressures that will take traction to the moon and take the sting out of rugged lines, letting you crush everything from sand to chunky rock gardens to lift-served lines. A plus-sized wheel can get a floppy if the designers aren't careful, but Ibis outfitted the 938 with burly Boost hubs to give the aluminum rims an extra dose of stiffness, so you can hold a line while the skinny-tired enduro tough guys are getting tossed around. Proprietary SRAM- and Shimano-compatible drivers make the 938 a fit for any plus-sized bike, too, so you can spend more time riding and less driving yourself crazy trying to sort out compatibility issues.

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