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Helly Hansen Packable Pant - Men's

item #HYH0675
Price: $84.95 Buy Helly Hansen Packable Pant - Men's
Helly Hansen Packable Pant - Men's
Helly Hansen Packable Pant - Men's description:
The Helly Hansen Packable Pants give you portable protection from the rain so you stay dry in sudden storms or when tromping through rain-soaked vegetation. Breathable, Helly Tech 2ply fabric gives you burly protection, while the packable design means you can stuff the entire pair of pants into one of their pockets. Throw 'em in your pack or in a cargo pocket of your hiking shorts, and whip them out when things get wet. You'll already be protected while your hiking mates are still digging through their packs to pull out bulky rain gear or trying to make clothes out of garbage bags.

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