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Hydro Flask Beer Growler - 64oz

item #HYF001H
Price: $64.95
Sale Price: $42.22
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Hydro Flask Beer Growler - 64oz
Hydro Flask Beer Growler - 64oz description:
It's pretty self evident that the Hydroflask 64oz Beer Growler was designed with beer in mind--after all, the word beer is in the title. The Beer Growler touts the same dependable construction as the rest of the Hydroflask lineup, but we'll give you a detailed run down in the event that you forgot (also we just like talking about it anyway). This newly updated Growler features Fresh Carry System which is designed to keep beer cold and carbonated for multiple hours, though, there's a fair chance the beer won't be there longer than an hour. Additionally, the Fresh Carry System touts a leak-proof seal and improved temperature control, meaning your choice in frothy beverage stays refreshing every time you go back for more. The streamlined handle offers easy, one-handed pouring, and not to mention it's designed to prevent that foaming-over situation. The Growler is outfitted with TempShield protection, meaning you don't sacrifice the integrity of your precious paws for frosty or hot beverages.

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