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Hanwag Tatra GTX Hiking Boot - Men's

item #HWG0002
Price: $324.95 Buy Hanwag Tatra GTX Hiking Boot - Men's
Hanwag Tatra GTX Hiking Boot - Men's
Hanwag Tatra GTX Hiking Boot - Men's description:
Hanwag's been making shoes for almost a century, so it has had plenty of time to dial in the design of hiking boots. The Men's Tatra GTX Hiking Boot is one of its most versatile, all-around designs, offering the fit, durability, and quality this German company is known for. The velvety nubuck leather upper of the Tatra is backed with a Gore-Tex membrane that offers waterproof protection in nasty weather but doesn't make your foot overheat. But face it, many companies make boots with Gore-Tex; the difference here is craftsmanship that lasts through many seasons of use on the trail.

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