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Hodgman Vion H-Lock Wade Boot

item #HOD0005
Price: $199.95 Buy Hodgman Vion H-Lock Wade Boot
Hodgman Vion H-Lock Wade Boot
Hodgman Vion H-Lock Wade Boot description:
There are a couple of miles of dirty hiking trails and slimy river crossings between you and your secret fishing holes, which is why you choose Hodgman's Vion H-Lock Wade Boot. Its H-Lock System allows you to replace the boot's sole with welt for grip on slimy stones, or you can keep the rubber sole intact for the trail. Lined in neoprene, the waterproof nubuck leather upper works hard to keep your foot comfortably dry while fly fishing, and the drainage ports add self-cleaning convenience when you're hiking back to the car.

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