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Hodgman H5 Wader Stocking Foot - Men's

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Price: $229.95 Buy Hodgman H5 Wader Stocking Foot - Men's
Hodgman H5 Wader Stocking Foot - Men's
Hodgman H5 Wader Stocking Foot - Men's description:
It might not be warm enough to dust off the old flip-flops, but warmer days and low flows are producing some epic fishing conditions, so suit up in your Hodmans H5 Men's Stocking Foot Waders and head down to the river to get your fishing fix. Hodgman designed these waders for the angler on a budget that expects a solid pair of waders, so it built them with a breathable three-layer shell material with a durable five-layer fabric through the seat and knees to protect them against the thick brush that lines the banks and debris that gets caught in the drift. Integrated gravel guards protect the neoprene booties from excessive wear when you're spending the majority of your day in the river, and the two fleece- lined handwarmer pockets give you a spot to warm your hands after you unhook and release another fish.

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