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Helle Temagami CA Knife

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Helle Temagami CA Knife
Helle Temagami CA Knife description:
Helle's Nordic craftsmen designed the Temagami CA Knife for the most rugged wilderness chores. You might not believe this, because this knife's beautiful shape and gorgeous curly birch handle make it look like it was built just for display. This bushcraft-style knife features a tough triple laminated carbon steel blade that holds an excellent edge and makes for easy sharpening. Not only is the handle pretty, but it also has a shape that allows for superior control in a variety of situations and positions, making it ideal as a go-to outdoor knife. A small finger guard and unique design minimize contact between your fingers and the metal, which adds comfort in cold weather and safety no matter what the situation. The Scandinavian-style leather pouch sheath keeps your knife secure without the need for snaps or straps.

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