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Hippy Tree Palmdale Chalk Bag

item #HIP00F9
Price: $29.95 Buy Hippy Tree Palmdale Chalk Bag
Hippy Tree Palmdale Chalk Bag
Hippy Tree Palmdale Chalk Bag description:
Your only goal is sending the project that you've been working on, and all you need is your talent and the right gear to do it. Add the Hippy Tree Palmdale Chalk Bag to your short list of sending essentials and it's as good as done. Not overly flashy, the Palmdale sports solid panels of earth-tone colors, so you won't have to worry about tons of people coming up to you at the crag asking about your way-out-there gear and distracting you from the task at hand. Its drawcord closure retains every speck of your precious white dust on the way to the climb, while the brush loop holds the other tool you need to get the crushing started.

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