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Helinox Cot Lite Camp Cot

item #HEL000K
Price: $249.95 Buy Helinox Cot Lite Camp Cot
Helinox Cot Lite Camp Cot
Helinox Cot Lite Camp Cot description:
Compared to your buddies on their flimsy inflatable pads, you'll sleep like a king on your next camping trip with the Helinox Lite Camp Cot. This comfy cot provides more support than a sleeping pad and keeps you above damp ground, and it comes in a lightweight and packable design you can take on the trail. The included storage sack keeps the packed size small enough to fit in your pack, and at under three pounds, it won't add a significant amount of weight. The durable poles are easy to set up when you get to camp (no more huffing and puffing), and tension lock handles keep it securely closed when you pack up again.

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