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Helinox Ridgeline Trekking Poles

item #HEL000C
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Helinox Ridgeline Trekking Poles
Helinox Ridgeline Trekking Poles description:
Whether you're thru-hiking the Appalachian trail, backpacking over the weekend, or out for a quick day hike, it's nice to have a little extra support out on the trail. Striking a balance between strength and weight, the Helinox Ridgeline Trekking Poles help save your knees on the descent, without weighing you down on the ascent. The Ridgeline is available in three different designs, each of which feature a different locking system. The unique lever button option uses both a locking lever and a ball bearing button for quick collapsing and a solid feel once extended. The dual lever lock option utilizes two locking cams for a rock solid feel, while the featherlite twist lock option is ideal for the gram counting hiker who prefers a more lightweight feel.

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