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Hardy Ultralite FWDD Fly Reel

item #HDY001B
Price: $219.00 Buy Hardy Ultralite FWDD Fly Reel
Hardy Ultralite FWDD Fly Reel
Hardy Ultralite FWDD Fly Reel description:
It takes a steady hand and a lot of patience to land finicky trout on small streams, and it takes an equally refined touch to craft a reel as lightweight and performance-focused as the Hardy Ultralite FWDD Fly Reel. Its minimalist design combines a sleek appearance with an ultralight construction to balance perfectly with the lightweight fly rods you'll want to use when you're fishing small creeks and streams. Even though Hardy was hell-bent on designing an ultralight reel, it wasn't prepared to sacrifice drag performance, so it added a super-smooth Rulon Drag that's capable of putting a pound of pressure on wild trout that will undoubtedly head to the closest log the moment they take your fly.

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