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Hardy Ultralite ASR Fly Reel

item #HDY001A
Price: $299.00 Buy Hardy Ultralite ASR Fly Reel
Hardy Ultralite ASR Fly Reel
Hardy Ultralite ASR Fly Reel description:
Hardy has a long tradition of building classic trout reels, but that doesn't mean it's afraid to break the rules every now and then. Here to prove that point, the Ultralite ASR Fly Reel implements a design the likes of which you've probably never seen this side of The Pond. For starters, the reel frame is composed of a machined bar-stock aluminum that is heavily ported to reduce weight while maintaining the durability required for most fishing situations. Inside the reel is a high-impact composite spool that shaves some serious ounces from the reel, giving it an ultralight feel that balances well with modern, lightweight rods. The reel comes with additional composite spools that can be quickly switched out via the spring-loaded Assisted Spool Release (ASR), so you can switch out fly lines quicker than you'd switch out flies.

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