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Hardy Ultralite MA DD Fly Reel

item #HDY000T
Price: $275.00 Buy Hardy Ultralite MA DD Fly Reel
Hardy Ultralite MA DD Fly Reel
Hardy Ultralite MA DD Fly Reel description:
The Hardy Ultralite MA DD Fly Reel keeps your lightweight rod balanced and looking good thanks to a lightweight construction and a classic Hardy look. The reel is machined from a durable bar stock aluminum and features a smooth disc drag system that can be quickly set between its lowest and highest settings with less than a full turn. The drag knob is color coded for quick reference, so you always know exactly how much pressure you're applying to fish, while the mid-sized arbor will hold plenty of extra backing for anglers who prefer to have plenty of line ready for those big fish that will give even the best fisherman a run for their money. Switching out different spools is made easy through the tool-less captive spool release system, so you can have a few extra spools of line on hand for when you need to get your line and fly down to where the fish are feeding.

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