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Haglofs Nejd 55L Backpack

item #HAG00F3
Price: $269.95
Sale Price: $215.96
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Haglofs Nejd 55L Backpack
Haglofs Nejd 55L Backpack description:
If you tend to get strap-induced blisters from long miles on the trail, Haglofs' Nejd 55 Backpack is a step in the right direction. The Nejd's Instant+ Adjustable System allows you to customize the pack's torso length to fit your own preferences, plus the System's plush extra padding assures a snug, comfortable fit, whether you're tackling mile 5 or mile 500. And if you finally decide to take a layover day, the Nejd's floating lid detaches to become a peak-bagging day satchel. But Haglofs doesn't make its packs marmot-proof, so be sure to stash food accordingly.

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