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Haglofs Nejd 80L Backpack

item #HAG00F1
Price: $319.95 Buy Haglofs Nejd 80L Backpack
Haglofs Nejd 80L Backpack
Haglofs Nejd 80L Backpack description:
The Haglofs Nejd 80 Backpack will withstand long treks in iconic locations like New Zealand, the High Sierras, and Washington's North Cascades. The pack's full-zip front opening makes it easy to grab your tent without having to disorganize everything else, and the well-padded Instant Adjustable System is easy on your back and hips. When quick side hikes and peak bagging missions are on the agenda, the Nejd's detachable day pack will enable you to establish a base camp and pull an early double assault on neighboring peaks before taking a much-deserved dip in a shockingly cold alpine lake.

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