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GU Roctane Energy Drink - 12 Serving Canister

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Buy GU Roctane Energy Drink - 12 Serving Canister
GU Roctane Energy Drink - 12 Serving Canister
GU Roctane Energy Drink - 12 Serving Canister description:
Whether you're training for a marathon, touring cross country on your bike, or about to take on an intense workout, reach for the GU Roctane Energy Drink as a way to stay on top of your game. This twelve-serving canister mixes easily and tastes surprisingly light and refreshing while you're pushing your limits. Ideal for those who need calories during long or intense workoutsAll three flavors mix easily and have a surprisingly light, refreshing tasteExact Roctane intake depends on the intensity of your pursuit and your body weight and fitness level: the fitter your are and the more you are used to consuming carbs during exercise the more Roctane you can consume each hour, up to 340 calories every 60 minutesCaffeine (in all except grape flavor) increases mental acuity, increases performance, and decreases perceived effort, all of which tend to go south during prolonged activityTaurine combats heart and skeletal muscle fatigueBeta-Alanine and Histidine help buffer acid caused by going over lactate thresholdAmino acids help prevent muscle damage and aid with muscle recovery

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