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Grivel Air Tech G-Bone Axe

item #GRV001S
Price: $186.95 Buy Grivel Air Tech G-Bone Axe
Grivel Air Tech G-Bone Axe
Grivel Air Tech G-Bone Axe description:
Grivel's Air Tech ice axe has been a standard piece of equipment among alpinists and ski mountaineers for some years. The Air Tech G-Bone Axe--of the now-classic Air Tech--comes with an updated grip for added security on snow and ice. The hot-forged head (complete with positive clearance) ensures both a solid purchase and secure anchoring on snow and ice. Meanwhile, the T-rated shaft means this axe won't shy away from near-vertical cruxes and down-climbs. A gentle curve just below the head offers additional clearance in any terrain, while the straight shaft plunges deeply into snow during the descent.

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