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Grivel Ares Harness - Men's

item #GRV001J
Price: $99.95 Buy Grivel Ares Harness - Men's
Grivel Ares Harness - Men's
Grivel Ares Harness - Men's description:
With a unique design that's made to make mountaineering and glacier travel more comfortable, Grivel's Ares Men's Harness is perfect for trips where you'll spend time climbing, walking, and doing everything in between. Grivel engineered it with Comfort Box design, in which the leg loops attach directly to the belt, giving you a wider range of motion and more room in the crotch for increased walking comfort. The leg loops and belt utilize Web-Core technology for increased comfort and decreased weight, and the dual waist buckles allow for maximum customization. Grivel finished the Ares off with four gear loops and adjustable leg loops, so you'll prepared and comfortable no matter the expedition or the number of layers you're wearing.

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