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Grivel Poseidon Harness - Men's

item #GRV001I
Price: $99.95 Buy Grivel Poseidon Harness - Men's
Grivel Poseidon Harness - Men's
Grivel Poseidon Harness - Men's description:
Using a standard harness for ice climbing and mountaineering is manageable, but given a choice you'd opt for something a little more specific, like Grivel's Poseidon Men's Harness. Not only is it the first harness on the market to feature a dry treatment, just like your rope, but Grivel gave it fully removable leg loops, so you can sleep comfortably in a bivy without removing your harness entirely to answer nature's call. The waist of the Poseidon features double buckles for maximum adjustability and comfort, along with two ice clipper loops and four gear loops to carry all your gear, and the harness was manufactured with Grivel's Web-Core technology, which disperses pressure across the full belt for increased comfort in hanging belays and on long, tough climbs.

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