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Garmin Edge Explore 820 Bike Computer

item #GRM007C
Price: $349.99 Buy Garmin Edge Explore 820 Bike Computer
Garmin Edge Explore 820 Bike Computer
Garmin Edge Explore 820 Bike Computer description:
As fun as it is to pull a weathered map from the depths of a pannier and painstakingly plot the route, it's even better to not have to worry about getting lost along the way. Whether you're looking to get adventurous on your daily commute or planning epic training miles ahead of a double century, the Garmin Edge Explore 820 Bike Computer is there to guide you to your destination. The Edge Explore 820 lets you stop to take in the scenery without the stress of also trying to figure out where you're supposed to turn next. The Explore 820 effectively replaces the Edge Touring and Touring Plus computers in Garmin's line. Its full touchscreen is a welcome and user-friendly upgrade from its predecessors' mixed button/touchscreen design, but the mapping options are what really set this computer apart. It comes with a preloaded Garmin Cycle Map and internal memory for adding more maps if needed, and it uses this library to let you precisely plan your routes, provide round-trip direction, and offer up audio prompts via Garmin Connect Mobile so you can keep tabs on your speed and heart rate without taking your eyes off the road and scenery ahead. In case you're looking for a little travel inspiration, Garmin has ensured that you're able to peruse rides and routes that others have completed via your Garmin Connect or Garmin Adventures account online. After you've found a route that you want to try, you're able to download it to your Explore 820 for your next ride. Additionally, you can customize existing routes or create new ones before you download them to your device. Of course, both of these programs allow you to relive and share your ride with friends, family, or fellow Garmin users. The Edge Explore 820 features ANT+ connectivity to pair with heart rate monitors or other metric-gathering devices, though it's important to note that the Explore 820 is not compatible with power meters. It performs all the basic computer functions--speed, trip time, trip distance, odomete...

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