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Garmin Forerunner 630 Bundle

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Price: $449.99 Buy Garmin Forerunner 630 Bundle
Garmin Forerunner 630 Bundle
Garmin Forerunner 630 Bundle description:
Garmin continuously challenges the limits of how much data is accessible to endurance athletes from their wrists, never content with sitting still and offering the same mix of features for long. Its latest virtual coach, the Forerunner 630, improves upon the impressive 600 series of watches Garmin has been making for the past few years, adding and enhancing features that make it nearly unrecognizable when compared to its older, simpler predecessors. The Forerunner 630 Bundle includes Garmin's compatible heart rate strap, so you'll get full access to many of the watch's features right out of the box. As you'd expect, the Forerunner 630 calculates all of the basics: pace, distance, calories, and time. When you pair the watch with an ANT+ heart rate strap, you gain access to a significantly more detailed group of measurements, including ground contact time, stride length, performance condition, VO2 max estimate, and lactate threshold. Stride length and ground contact time both address form inefficiencies, while performance condition relies on heart rate data from training to estimate how you'll do in an actual race. So when you show up to a race and find the temperature is 20 degrees warmer than what you trained for, you'll be able to watch in real time how much harder your body has to work to maintain pace -- no more writing mile splits on each palm then having to mentally recalculate when the race doesn't go to plan. As you train, Garmin's stress score provides a way to measure workouts against one another and aims to address common overtraining tendencies. If you're going too hard, the watch's built-in recovery advisor can tell you when to let your body stop and rest, especially after a hard race or workout. Garmin Connect, Garmin's online training and data-storage platform, aims to make analyzing and organizing data easier with a host of color-coordinated training charts and graphs, and the Forerunner 630 uploads workouts automatically to the site when it's co...

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