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Garmin Edge 520 Bike Bundle Computer

item #GRM004T
Price: $349.99 Buy Garmin Edge 520 Bike Bundle Computer
Garmin Edge 520 Bike Bundle Computer
Garmin Edge 520 Bike Bundle Computer description:
Regardless of the passion with which they argue against one another, one thing data geeks and anti-tech purists can't dispute is that with the right technology, numbers never lie. In the case of the Garmin Edge 520 Bike Bundle Computer, it's undeniably true. Drawing from Garmin's years of expertise in GPS and satellite technology, the Edge 520 houses dozens of honest numbers, neatly divided into categories to help you get a well-rounded view of your training. Invest in the 520 bundle and you'll have everything you need to get your 520 up and running and access most of the computer's potential data. One of the major ways Garmin separated the 520 from its lesser admirers was by equipping the computer with the ability to deliver live Strava updates as you ride. As you're slowed by the doldrums of the middle of a climb, no end in sight, look down at the screen to see how you're faring against your local rivals. Make note of exactly where you're starting to fall behind and change tactics if you can, then look down again at the top to see exactly where you finish as soon as you surge past the end of the segment. Aside from Strava addicts, the Edge 520 also caters to power meter worshippers, displaying functional threshold power (FTP) on-screen when paired with Garmin's Vector power meter pedals. While you ride, compare it to your ever-changing output and make mid-ride adjustments to keep your training effective. Take numbers like estimated V02 max, calculated using heart rate, into consideration when mapping out your training schedule and workouts, being careful to note recommended recovery time that the Edge calculates based on the effort level of each of your workouts. Recovery may seem like a no-brainer, but amateur athletes are often some of the worst offenders at overtraining. These new features are the big news, but don't worry -- the Edge 520 still comes with all of the standard bike computer functions you've come to rely on in the saddle too, with a few signat...

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