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Garmin Vector 2S Power Meter Pedals

item #GRM004K
Price: $599.99
Sale Price: $499.95
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Garmin Vector 2S Power Meter Pedals
Garmin Vector 2S Power Meter Pedals description:
The Garmin Vector 2S Power Meter Pedals bring some new features to the table and provide powerful data tracking in an affordable, easy to install, and bike interchangeable format. With the Vector 2S, Garmin throws away the old washers found on the Vector S pedal pods and opted for a new, more user-friendly design that clamps over the pedal spindle. The Vector 2S pods also feature a new flashing LED system to provide information on pairing status and let you know when the battery is getting low. The Vector 2S still measures watts with a pod attached to the left pedal spindle, capturing power information as it transfers from the pedal into the crank arm. The sensor monitors tiny changes in the pedal spindle curve as force is applied to the pedal, and the data is transferred wirelessly via ANT+ technology to the head unit. You can see your power during rides and also download the data for analysis once you get home. The Vector 2S also has the option to upgrade and convert to a dual-sensing system with the Garmin Vector 2S Upgrade Pedal for additional data features such as left/right balance and pedal efficiency dynamics. The pedal itself has a lightweight composite body with a stainless steel wear plate to increase durability and provide a wide platform, reducing the chances of pressure points distracting from your ride. The adjustable tension binding also lets you customize the force required to twist the cleat out of the pedal and is compatible with Garmin Vector and Look Keo three-bolt cleats. The whole system runs on a standard 2032 coin cell battery located in the pedal pod for a claimed 175 hours of ride time per battery. When time's up, the batteries are easily replaceable with a quick trip to the grocery store and a twist of the battery cap. The Garmin Vector 2S Power Meter Pedals are available with standard pedal pods to fit crank arms 12mm to 15mm thick and up to 44mm wide or large pedal pods to fit crank arms 15mm to 18mm thick and up to 44mm wide. A...

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