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Garmin fenix 3 Bundle

item #GRM003V
Price: $549.99
Sale Price: $483.99
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Garmin fenix 3 Bundle
Garmin fenix 3 Bundle description:
The new Garmin fenix 3 is designed to be your "one watch to rule them all," as it were. Utilizing EXO+ GPS and a GLONASS antenna, the fenix 3 records data such as: how fast you're going, how far you've gone, calories burned, elevation gained and lost, number of ski runs you've taken, and even how well you're sleeping. Included in this bundle is the HRM-Run heart rate monitor strap, so that you'll have better insight into exactly how your body's performing. In addition, the fenix 3 is compatible with all ANT+ devices, so you can get readings from your bike's power meter, and other ANT+ heart rate straps directly to the watch's 51mm face. You can even pair it with your mobile devices to get email, text message, and stock updates on the go. And, since you'll be wearing this watch when you're in all kinds of inclement weather, the fenix 3 is water-resistant to 10 atmospheres.

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