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Garmin Handlebar/Rollbar Mount

item #GRM003B
Price: $24.99
Sale Price: $21.24
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Garmin Handlebar/Rollbar Mount
Garmin Handlebar/Rollbar Mount description:
To catch all the action, you need to be in it. Garmin's Handlebar/Rollbar Mount gives you the flexibility to place your VIRB wherever you need it most. With thick and thin inserts, the mount's inside diameter is perfectly adjustable to fit bars ranging from . 75 inches to 1. 5 inches. It features an interlocking joint that grips rather than relying solely on tension --this greatly reduces vibration. You can mount it to your handlebars, top tube, or even your seat post. And, if you're feeling adventurous off the bike, the mount will fit anything from a rollbar on your car to a kayak paddle. The Garmin Handlebar/Rollbar Mount comes in One Size and One color.

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