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Gregory Baltoro GZ 75L Backpack

item #GRE006S
Price: $449.95 Buy Gregory Baltoro GZ 75L Backpack
Gregory Baltoro GZ 75L Backpack
Gregory Baltoro GZ 75L Backpack description:
When your mother is someone akin to a Nervous Nancy who refuses to go more than twenty-four hours without hearing from you, staying in touch while on the trail can be a shade problematic. Thankfully, the Gregory Baltoro 75 GZ Backpack enables you to keep your cellular devices juiced and ready to call Mom upon reaching civilization. In addition to its myriad of storage features, this pack boasts a concealed Goal Zero solar panel and Flip 10 battery storage. The solar panel's magnetic closure and zippered battery compartment makes charging electronics on-the-go easy as devouring mac and cheese at the end of a long day. A robust exterior and integrated rain cover protect your gear in the face of formidable weather, while the weatherproof hip belt pocket keeps items like your GPS, point-and-shoot camera, or phone safe and secure. The myriad of organizational compartments, ranging from the compressible Sidewinder water bottle pocket to the sleeping bag alcove not only provide easy access, but they also direct the weight of your load down towards your hips and off your back (which, if you've ever experienced a top-heavy pack, a balanced load is a breath of fresh air). Additionally, the Baltoro features the Response A3 system, a pivoting waist belt, and an aluminum Wishbone to flex with the natural movements of your body, and they ultimately discourage hot spots and chafing. The Wishbone frame works with the HDPE framesheet and ultra-cushy EVA components to provide structural support and trek-long comfort. And last but not least, the Baltoro sports a removable hydration sleeve that doubles as a daypack when you're fast-packing to the summit. So whether you're on the fast track up the AT or taking a slow walk through the woods on the PCT, the Baltoro offers technology-friendly assistance and unrivaled, trek-long support.

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