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GoPro Portable Power Pack

item #GOP005O
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GoPro Portable Power Pack
GoPro Portable Power Pack description:
What good is your GoPro camera if it goes dead half-way through your shooting session' Realizing this, the GoPro Portable Power Pack provides 6,000mAh of portable power for charging all your GoPro cameras and USB-powered devices. It's a great solution for time-lapse photographers and those shooting for extended periods of time, delivering endurance power as you're shooting for a long duration. This portable power bank will charge one GoPro up to four times or two GoPros simultaneously in roughly 2. 5-hours. Dual 1. 5A USB outlets work with most USB-powered devices, such as your favorite smartphone or media player (tablets and larger devices may be slower to power-up). The Portable Power Pack is rather compact, fitting inside your pocket or backpack when you're traveling on the road. LED battery status indicators ensure an accurate estimate of your remaining battery life.

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