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GoPro Seeker Backpack - 976cu in

item #GOP005E
Price: $169.99 Buy GoPro Seeker Backpack - 976cu in
GoPro Seeker Backpack - 976cu in
GoPro Seeker Backpack - 976cu in description:
One weekend you're climbing desert towers stretching towards the sky, the next you're slaloming down alpine singletrack littered with imposing rocks. Catered to your action-fueled lifestyle, the GoPro Seeker Backpack is ingeniously designed for shooting footage of fast-paced activities and awe-inspiring environments. This lightweight pack features a soft-lined compartment that carries up to 5 GoPro cameras, alongside a zippered partition that's great for tossing spare batteries and microSD cards. It's hydration-compatible, holding up to a 2-liter reservoir during active pursuits and extended adventures. Best of all, it features an integrated chest mount that attaches to any GoPro camera, shooting immersive first-person footage without the need for a separate attachment. For those with GoPro's 3-way mount (not included), there's a shoulder attachment for gaining a higher vantage point.

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