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Giro Rulla Glove - Women's

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Giro Rulla Glove - Women's
Giro Rulla Glove - Women's description:
The numer of contributing factors to the quality of a ride is enormous. From frame size and geometry to shoes and saddles, choices are plentiful -- but, the wrong one will lead to discomfort before the half way point. Giro's approach to cycling apparel, represented here by the Rulla Women's Glove, puts ergonomics, control, and comfort first. This ensures you're connected to your bike without any irritation. Key to achieving this is a merino blend on the back of the hand. It offers warmth on cool nights and early mornings, yet it is highly breathable to keep your hands cool once the sun heats things up. These panels are part of a Super Fit design -- the result of Giro's diverse team of cyclist and engineers working together to make gloves as comfortable as possible. This includes the three piece-palm constructed from AX Suede synthetic leather, which ensures the Rulla expertly follows your palms natural contour. It also prevents bunching at the grips where blood flow and feedback is essential. A side zip and pull-tab make it a simple, struggle-free process of putting the gloves on or taking them off. The Giro Rulla Women's Glove comes in sizes Small through X'Large and two colors; Sorrel or Black/Sorrel.

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