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Giro LA DND Women's Gloves

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Price: $24.95
Sale Price: $11.23
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Giro LA DND Women's Gloves
Giro LA DND Women's Gloves description:
In the land of confusing acronyms, the Giro LA DND Women's Gloves are queen. The sleek and stylish patterns will keep you Tinseltown-stylish when you're hitting the Lycra runway, and the silicone-tipped fingers are perfect for keeping a killer grip on your eight-sided dice, but the LA DND really comes alive when you're on the bike. The palm, fingers, and thumbs are made from lightweight but durable Clarino synthetic leather, while the upper is made from a four-way-stretch fabric and features knuckle flex zones that let you move your hands freely, wick moisture, and keep you cool. Vibration-killing EVA foam patches on the palm keep your hands unbruised and stop them falling asleep, and a soft thumb patch is perfect for keeping boogers from interfering with your starlet style (and breathing).

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