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Giro Monica II Gel Glove - Women's

item #GIR00EB
Price: $39.95
Sale Price: $29.96
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Giro Monica II Gel Glove - Women's
Giro Monica II Gel Glove - Women's description:
Like the famous best friend with which it shares a name, the Giro Monica II Gel Glove will be with you to hear about it all on the bike: breakups, job drama, and that miserable climb ahead. Plus, it'll always encourage you to stop for a coffee break with your crew, even if you've only ridden a few miles. Supple leather palms provide a steady grip on the bars in whatever weather you're riding, and airy mesh uppers wrap around your hands in a reassuring hug, while letting you breathe, of course. When you're out in the saddle for hours, the cushy Technogel palm will be there for you, cutting down on fatigue and upping the comfort for every mile you're out.

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