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Giro Monaco II Gel Glove

item #GIR00E5
Price: $39.95
Sale Price: $29.96
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Giro Monaco II Gel Glove
Giro Monaco II Gel Glove description:
From touring across Napa's vineyards to cranking up Colorado's Loveland Pass, the Giro Monaco II Gel Glove maintains comfort for the long haul with its cushy gel padding, well-ventilated design, and superior fit. Technogel padding dissipates jarring vibration coming through the handlebars. This is especially useful on longer rides where wrist and hand fatigue are common. Maintaining grip and dexterity, the Pittards ventilated leather palm maintains tactile control between your hands and bars. Breathable mesh along the backside maintains a cool, comfortable feel, especially when temperatures climb into oppressive realms. For rides when you're sweating profusely, the microfiber thumb lends a soft, absorbent wiping surface.

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