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Giro Disciple MIPS Helmet

item #GIR00DH
Price: $219.95
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Giro Disciple MIPS Helmet
Giro Disciple MIPS Helmet description:
You count yourself as a disciple of freeride and enduro racing and guys like Gwin and Semenuk, so don't cut corners on head protection when you're launching off features and sending lines inspired by them. Replace an old lid with the Giro Disciple MIPS Helmet to make sure your grey matter stays where you need it when a big day doesn't exactly goes as planned. Since you'll (hopefully) spend most of your ride time never needing the Disciple, Giro also made it light and breathable, so you'll stay comfortable and cool during the majority of the time when everything goes to plan. Rather than choosing the traditional In-Mold construction most helmets use, Giro opted for a fiberglass shell for the Disciple MIPS instead. Light and strong, the shell comes equipped to throw down with rocks, gravel, and the occasional tree, with an EPS foam liner for extra backup. Giro even beefed up the jaw area with extra Vinyl nitrile padding for handlebar and tree branch bashings, and it made sure to make the integrated P. O. V. camera mount able to break away in the event of a crash to prevent further damage to both the mount and your noggin. As if that weren't enough, Giro went the extra mile to protect your cognitive abilities by adding MIPS technology to the Disciple as well. Now nearly ubiquitous across the helmet world, MIPS appears in the Disciple in the form of a thin inner basket, constructed to rotate upon impact to reduce the brain-damaging energy generated by certain impacts. It's far from fail-safe, but it leaves you a hell of a lot more protected in some crashes than helmets of five years ago might've. Of course, Giro made room for some fun too. Built-in speakers keep your ride playlist cranking while you rally, and Fit Kit padding makes sure the helmet sits comfortably atop your dome for hours on-end.

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