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Giro DND Grinduro Glove

item #GIR00CI
Price: $25.95
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Giro DND Grinduro Glove
Giro DND Grinduro Glove description:
The acronym in Giro's DND Grinduro Gloves stands for "Down and Dirty," and riding that way is exactly what Giro expects you to do in its rugged all-around trail gloves. Now available in the purple popularized by Giro's little-bit-of-everything Grinduro race -- not just road, not just gravel, not just XC, but with plenty of dirt and mud to go around -- the DNDs are well-equipped to handle a day of the unexpected. The durable palm comprises two synthetic leathers -- Clarino and AX Suede -- to protect your hands from sharp rocks and errant branches, the gloves balance out protection with breathability using four-way stretch mesh uppers. The combination of materials and Giro's three panel Super Fit construction maintain a contoured, secure fit that doesn't require you to sacrifice finger dexterity or bar feel. On rough sections of trail, you'll have 2mm of EVA padding dutifully standing between your hands and your rigid bars, and grippy silicone fingertips keep your hands from sliding around when things get bumpy.

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