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Giro Neo Blaze Glove

item #GIR00CC
Price: $39.95
Sale Price: $29.96
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Giro Neo Blaze Glove
Giro Neo Blaze Glove description:
On some winter rides, a soft, insulating pair of gloves is exactly what you want -- especially if you're doing steady base miles without much change in pace or terrain. But when you're racing in the cold and need to protect your hands without compromising control in the cockpit, reach for Giro's Neo Blaze Gloves. Made with waterproof Pertex fabric on the main body, the gloves use functional materials to keep water and wind out while remaining as streamlined as possible. For further protection, Giro also adds a waterproof Hipora liner, and Clarino synthetic leather on the palm deals with rain and road spray by adding grip for wet shifters and brakes. An extended cuff allows you to maintain coverage under your jacket or jersey, and glued seams throughout ensure no amount of winter's worst will penetrate the gloves.

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