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Giro Sonnet MIPS Helmet - Women's

item #GIR007X
Price: $119.95
Sale Price: $89.96
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Giro Sonnet MIPS Helmet - Women's
Giro Sonnet MIPS Helmet - Women's description:
You've probably seen the MIPS name everywhere -it's certainly taken bike helmets by storm, but what is it' MIPS is a technology that does its best to protect your brain by mimicking what the brain does to protect itself. Namely, MIPS aims to mimic the cerebrospinal fluid that allows the skull and the brain to move independently. This synthetic buffer, as applied in the Giro Sonnet Helmet seen here, allows the shell and the EPS foam to move independently in the event of a tangential force. It essentially redirects the impact in such a manner that it should do a better job in preventing catastrophic brain injuries. Outside of the MIPS tech, the Sonnet is everything you'd expect from Giro -light, breathable, well-fitting, and incredibly comfortable.

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