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Giro Section Helmet

item #GIR007V
Price: $54.95
Sale Price: $27.47
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Giro Section Helmet
Giro Section Helmet description:
Today's skate-inspired helmets look good, but often suffer from 'all-show-and-no-go' syndrome. That's because the manufacturer is more worried about the style than the features. This is not the case with Giro, who puts solid technical features into every helmet they make. Case in point: the Section helmet.The Giro Section has all the skate-inspired styling that you can cram into a helmet, but it has something else--In-Mold construction. The EPS foam body is bonded to the polycarbonate shell for increased strength. The result a helmet that doesn't just look good, it protects like a pro-level high-tech helmet. The Section also has the fewest number of vents of any Giro helmet except the Air Attack. That means it can be built lighter than most helmets, because it has fewer weak spots built in.

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