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Giro Synthe Helmet

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Giro Synthe Helmet
Giro Synthe Helmet description:
An aerodynamic road helmet, designed for all-day wear, that doesn't have any ventilation doesn't seem like much of an all-day option to us. Sure, cooking your brains for an hour or so in a 40k TT, or a middle-distance triathlon seems acceptable, but when your races stretch out to multiple hours, you'd give just about anything to feel the slightest gust of wind in your hair. But, the drag reduction (read: free speed) that you get from an aero helmet almost outweighs the suffering. Until now. Giro's new Synthe was designed to take what was great about its Air Attack and make it a more comfortable option for long, hot races. The quite-well-ventilated Synthe produces a single drag value from any one of 72 different wind angles, meaning that whether you're facing a headwind, crosswind, or anything in between, your helmet won't make any extra drag (think about what classic, long-tailed aero helmets do in crosswinds), thanks to the use of Aero Mesh Panels, which mimic a flat surface while still allowing heat to escape.

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