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Giordana Corsa Lycra Glove - Men's

item #GIO0490
Price: $24.95 Buy Giordana Corsa Lycra Glove - Men's
Giordana Corsa Lycra Glove - Men's
Giordana Corsa Lycra Glove - Men's description:
Even smooth roads can take a toll on your hands when you ride for hours on end, but it's the rough ones--chip seal, packed dirt, gravel--that take the most out of you. Giordana designed the Corse Men's Lycra Glove to give you some extra protection without giving up your feel for the bars by including strategically located padding on key areas of the palm, so you ride with the perfect balance of cushioning and sensitivity. The rest of the palms are made from supple but durable microfiber, and the back of hand from stretchy Lycra and soft, breathable terry cloth to keep your hands cool and dry. A terry thumb panel gives your snot somewhere to go, and the hook-and-loop cuff seals out road debris without pinching or getting caught on other clothing.

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