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G-Form Pro Slide Knee Pads

item #GFM000T
Price: $59.99 Buy G-Form Pro Slide Knee Pads
G-Form Pro Slide Knee Pads
G-Form Pro Slide Knee Pads description:
Built with a rugged material that both reduces friction and resists abrasion, the G-Form Pro Slide Knee Pads provide reliable protection for you without hindering your movement or overall comfort out on the trail. The fully flexible RPT padding moves as you do to help you forget you're even wearing pads, while the moisture-wicking compression sleeves not only securely keeps them in place, but also promotes cool, dry comfort through hotter days spent on your bike. Mesh panels on the back of these pads further enhance breathability and cooling airflow, and a sun-protection rating of UPF 50+ helps defend your skin against harsh UV rays.

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