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G-Form Pro-X Knee-Shin Guard

item #GFM000H
Price: $114.95 Buy G-Form Pro-X Knee-Shin Guard
G-Form Pro-X Knee-Shin Guard
G-Form Pro-X Knee-Shin Guard description:
When you're steering your downhill rig into destructive terrain, you're ready for whatever unknown you're heading towards. That being said, you'll feel a lot better when you're wearing protection like G-Form's Pro-X Knew-shin Guard. You can count on the Pro-X to save you from leaving too much skin behind on the trails if it later transpires that you weren't, in fact, ready for the unknown. You're already wearing a pack, elbow guards, and a helmet, so the integrated Pro-X Knee-Shin Guard could also save you from feeling weighed down with separate knee and shin pads. Its articulated CE 1621 certified protection extends laterally across the kneecap and along the shin. Plus, their stretchy, breathable sleeve will keep them in place as you rally hard over the big stuff.

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