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Gerber Swagger A/O Knife

item #GER000R
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Gerber Swagger A/O Knife
Gerber Swagger A/O Knife description:
From slicing kindling for a raging campfire to cutting through fishing line at the lake, the Gerber Swagger A/O Knife gives you precise handling and a razor-sharp edge for maximum versatility in outdoor scenarios. This robust folding knife features a 3. 25-inch drop point blade crafted from stainless steel for razor-sharp precision and extra corrosion resistance. The blade's smooth upper facilitates controlled slices, while the serrated lower section effortlessly cuts through smaller ropes and twine. Assisted Opening 2. 0 technology promotes one-handed deployment with the simple flick of its thumb stud. The sturdy plunge lock prevents it from accidentally opening in your pocket or pack. And for confident control over the knife, the G-10 composite handle offers a light-handed feel with a grippy tactile sensation. There's also a low-profile clip for convenient attachment to your pocket or pack.

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