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Gerber 9in Hatchet

item #GER000L
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Gerber 9in Hatchet
Gerber 9in Hatchet description:
You don't need a fuzzy flannel or manly beard to appreciate the effortless chopping ability and well-balanced feel of the Gerber 9in Hatchet. From chopping kindling at the cabin to cutting down overgrown vegetation, the 9in Hatchet comes in handy for a wide range of outdoor scenarios and chores. The compact design and included sheath facilitate easy travel, so you're never without this extremely useful tool. Gerber's legendary quality shows in the hatchet's forged steel blade, which is engineered with a unique grinding technique for a razor-sharp edge that slices into wood up to three times deeper. There's even a low-friction coating for easy removal when you're splitting logs or throwing tomahawks out back. The handle's lightweight, grippy feel absorbs excess shock to prevent injury when you're chopping and splitting wood.

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